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Return Policy
Marine Fish, Invertebrates, and Corals
Return of live Marine Fish, Marine Invertebrates, and Corals is not allowed. The reason is to protect the lives of the fish, invertebrates, and corals, which have not had a chance to survive. If you are not satisfied with the purchase that we sent you, please contact our Customer Service department immediately by email.

Acclimation Procedures (back to top)
During shipping, the quality of the water will decline. Waste produces acids, which lowers the pH of the water. Therefore, care must be taken in acclimating marine life that you received.

NOTE: Some people say to float the bags in your aquarium that the livestock came in. The reason we do not recommend it follows:

  • Bacteria could be on the bag and this could be toxic to your aquarium.
  • It is easy for a bag to tip over while it is floating. This could shock the livestock by not being acclimated properly and/or put bacteria in the aquarium that could be toxic.
    It is up to you to decide which acclimating procedures that works for you.

You can also use the drip method, take a air line hose from the tank to the livestock that are in a bag or poured into a container. Use a plastic air valve to control the drip. Set it to drip a quarter of a cup per 10 minutes.

Please adhere to the following steps for acclimating your purchase to its new habitat. The process is lengthy, but these steps will reduce the amount of stress for your new arrival. We recommend that all new specimens be quarantined in a separate aquarium for 10 to 14 days.

  1. Turn off aquarium lighting and dim room lights before opening the shipping container. This will reduces shock and stress.
  2. Open the shipping container and allow the sealed bags to reach room temperature for 15-20 minutes
  3. Cut open the shipping bags and gently pour each bag into a container that will float on the surface of the water in your aquarium (make sure the outside and inside of the containers you are going to us are clean).
  4. Add a quarter-cup of aquarium water to the floating containers floating in the aquarium.
  5. Repeat above Step every 10 minutes until the water has doubled in volume. This is very important, as the shipment adjustments to pH, alkalinity, and specific gravity take time. Lift the container from the aquarium and pour out half of the water not into the aquarium. Pour it into a bucket incase the Livestock falls or swims out, then pour the bucket out in the sink.
  6. Float the container in the aquarium again and proceed to add quarter cup of aquarium water to the container every 10 minutes (as you did in step 4) until the container is full again.
  7. Lift the container out of the aquarium and Net the item from the container and let loose into the aquarium and pour out the water and not in your aquarium. Pour it into a bucket incase the Livestock falls or swims out, then pour the bucket out in the sink.
  8. Never release shipping water directly into the aquarium. This could pollute your aquarium.
  9. After an hour or two has passed then turn the aquarium light back on.

Not to do Guidelines (back to top)

  • Do not rush.
  • Never release shipping water directly into the aquarium.
  • Do not place an air stone into the Acclimation container. This could create chemical reactions that could result in toxicity.
  • Keep specific gravity at 1.023-1.025. Invertebrates, coral, and plants are more sensitive than fish to salinity changes.
  • Sponges, clams, scallops, and Corals should not be exposed directly to air.
  • Need to watch out for bullies, if you have one you might want to place him in a perforated basket (there are other items that one could use, check with your local pet store for other suggestions), which will allow the new stock to roam freely and adjust to its new environment.

Ordering Info (back to top)

  • Click on any item you'd like to buy or view, and then click the Purchase button next to any item to place it in your shopping cart. If you want to buy more than one item, click More Shopping button and repeat the above step.
  • To change the Quantity of purchase in your Shopping Cart page just highlight the quantity you want to change and then type in the correct quantity and press the Re-Calculate button at the bottom.
  • To delete an item place a check in the delete box to the far right of them item and then at the bottom presses the Redisplay Cart button.
  • It you are ready to check out press the Check Out button when you are ready.
  • We use a secure server and industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption
  • You will receive an e-mail confirming your order and when the order is shipped with the tracking number and carrier.
  • We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.

Shipping Info (back to top)

  • No handling fee
  • Box charge of $10.00 per box which covers the cost for heat or cool packs.
  • We only ship within the continental territory of The United States (no Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico). The shipping charges are calculated by the weight times the couriers rates.
  • We ship all marine life orders overnight directly door to door service via UPS or FedEx Priority Overnight (arrives by noon pm in most areas). Check the courier's website with your tracking number to determine what time your shipment will arrive
  • Saturday delivery is available in most areas for an additional cost which you will need to check with the courier.
  • We ship Monday through Thursday, Friday only for a Saturday delivery (UPS and FedEx both charge extra for Saturday delivery).
  • You may choose to pick up your shipment from the nearest UPS or FedEx station. When placing the order you will need to specify it on the order form. Shipments are usually ready for pickup by 9 a.m. You will need to check with your local station.
  • Delivery by UPS and/or FedEx priority overnight is commonly available. (This service may not be available for all parts of the country. Please check with the carrier before selecting a courier. Please do not forget to take the tracking number with you and a picture ID (picture ID might be asking for proof of ownership).
  • UPS & FedEx requires a signature for delivery. You must be available to accept delivery or someone that is 18 years or older.
  • Acclimation Procedure is included in every order.
  • A Tracking Number will be emailed to you when the courier picks up your shipment from our shipping dock.
  • Arrives by noon in most areas or sooner.

Guarantee (back to top)

Marine Life Online offers an Arrive Alive guarantee on its shipments of livestock. This Guarantee with orders that are received by noon the next day. If any loss or problems are noticed on the day of arrival must be reported to Marine Life Online by 6 P.M. East Coast Time of the same business day. Marine Life Online is confident of the quality of all its livestock that we can offer our customers this 48 Hour Guarantee. Marine Life Online absolutely guarantees that livestock that leaves our facility will ARRIVE ALIVE at its destination and will STAY ALIVE for at least 48 hours of receiving the livestock from us. There are limited numbers of items that are exempt from the guarantee and are noted with the item description. We can make this guarantee because of the following:

  • We ship only the healthiest specimens. We ship the finest quality of livestock.
  • We skillfully pack all orders. All livestock is selected and packed by the best in the industry that carefully screen each livestock for health, color and quality.
  • We utilize oxygen in the packing of each bag, all livestock is double bag, in a square bag that fits in the Styrofoam box, Styrofoam box is then placed in a cardboard box and a heat or cool pack to minimize stress on your order. We us overnight delivery to help keep the stress down.

If your purchase does not arrive alive from leaving our facility or if it dies within 48 hours after you receive your order, we will replace it for FREE (excluding packaging & shipping). The following conditions will apply:

  1. You must take immediate delivery of your order upon its arrival, sign for your order (on the first delivery try). If a delivery is refused for any reason, or no one being home to accept the delivery, the customer will be liable for the full cost of the invoice and the return freight charges. The customer must accept delivery even if the package is delivered late.
  2. Marine Life Online is not liable for delayed shipments due to weather conditions and if the order arrives late you should open the boxes in front of the delivery person. The delivery person should note the information and tell you how to file a claim.
  3. All livestock must be acclimated according to our Acclimation Procedures even if they appear to be lifeless. Lifeless livestock will frequently recover within minutes when acclimated. Livestock are subjected to some form of stress when packed, shipped and acclimated into an aquarium. Stress weakens any animal's immune system and increases the possibility of developing an infection. For this reason, we recommend all new fish should be quarantined in a separate aquarium for 10-14 days. Marine Life Online cannot be held responsible for disease-related problems if proper Acclimation Procedures are not followed.
  4. The animal must not exhibit any signs of physical abuse or damage (tears, frayed fins, cuts, etc.). Your water quality must be adequate (Alkalinity 2.5 to 5.0 meq/L, Ammonia 0, Calcium 400 to 475 mg/L, Carbon Dioxide < 2.0 mg/L, Dissolved Oxygen > 6.90 mg/L, Nitrate < 10 mg/L, Nitrite 0, pH 8.2-8.4, Phosphate < 0.05 mg/L, SG 1.021-1.025). You will be required to send us a sample of your water in a separate bag.
  5. Send us an e-mail to establish the time of death. Never dispose of or return a livestock without authorization; a credit will not be issued.

Guarantee Will Void If

  1. You refuse to accept the shipment.
  2. There is no one to sign for the shipment on the first delivery attempt.
  3. The Order is shipped to an address unconfirmed by PayPal.
  4. If you choose to have your order shipped without a physical signature at time of delivery.

If You Suffer A Loss (back to top)

  1. Notify us by e-mail immediately. A return authorization code with instructions will then be issued via email.
  2. Return the water sample and Livestock by UPS or FedEx next day to:
    Marine Life Online
    915 West First Street
    Sanford, Florida 32771 USA
  3. Returns must be shipped within 24 hours of death after leaving our facility. Only with authorization approval.
  4. Marine Life Online will replace the dead Livestock. Guarantee applies to original order only, not on replacement items. This guarantee does not include shipping and box charges.




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